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Созопол, ул. Георги Минчев (Буджака) Виж на карта
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Как да ни откриете Our Location

Villa Over The Bay

Sozopol, str. Georgi Minchev (Budzhaka)

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Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarian southern coast, founded in 610 BC. BC., as polis of miletus Greeks under the name Apollonia Pontica. There are remains from the Bronze Age in underwater archaeological excavations. The city grew significantly in antiquity and became a center of the arts. His contemporaries called it Apollonia Magna (Great). In 72 BC. BC. Sozopol was conquered and plundered by the Romans and the fortification wall was destroyed. In IV century, the town blossomed again. It is now called Sozopol – the city of salvation…


The villas are located on the Budjaka semi island. “Budzhaka” stretches south from Sozopol. There are three noses that run into the sea – Kolokita (site of diving to a depth of 5 to 20 m.), St. Stephen and Christ. Sulinariya is an area, which is just one mile south of Cape Christ. The name comes from Greek and means tube. For centuries there was a spring where the population of the town is supplied with water. Abla Cattelan called another area between Cape Christ and Cape St. Stephen. The name comes from Greek and means bad, dangerous descending. There shore is high and down in the sea beautiful fjords could be seen. Right at the end of this area, there is a small beach known as Seal Bay, because a monk sea used to live there. The famous “Paradise Bay” is located near the villa complex.



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